Sunday, June 17, 2012


YAY for bathroom pics!!! (lol) I usually upload these pics to my facebook as well, and some of my friends,  who are also my co-workers, always make fun of me for taking pics in the bathroom. but the fact of the matter is there is awesome lighting in the bathroom! And its free, free lighting!! (lol) anyways so what im wearing:
Top: Sky blue top from tj maxx ($12.99), White cami from tj maxx (3 or 4 bucks)
Bottom: Indigo jeans from forever 21($9.00) White belt thrifted ($1)
Jewelry: Bracelet and Necklace thrifted ($3 and $4)  Earrings from Claires ($7)
Shoes: Even Though you can't see them. White flats thrifted ($2)